New Generation Adjustable Bed Frame Rails

For several years I had a back and neck pain every day after waking up in the morning I change mattress and pillows for quite some time and nothing helped. In 2014, I started to think in making a trim to elevate the mattress when I came with this idea to build a 2-side rail, sit them on the top of the existed bedside rails, and attach with brackets to hold them up in place and set the box spring and the mattress on the top. For every 4 weeks, I changed the angle to a different height, after one year doing that I did find the right angle and the right height. I have been sleeping well and waking up in the morning without back and neck pain since then.

Early 2017 I decided to find an attorney and do a patent search we didn’t find anything like it in July 2017 we submitted an application for Non-Provision Utility Patent for united states USPTO. In June12/18, I was granted a Patent. I was very pleased with this product. I thought it might help others like me. These types of rails will work with standard metal and wood rails frames as showing on the pictures, these rails will fit on Standard Twin, Full, Queen, and King size beds.


new awesome Tech Specs

Sleeping the inclined way

May help those who suffers from back and neck pain.

Sleep Better. Feel Better

About 90 % of our health are determined by healthy sleep.


Happy Clients' Testimonials

Exceptional quality

The quality of my sleep became much better after I inclined my bed with this product

Adam C.


I feel much better in the morning. Definitely recommended

Robert D.